Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #23 We Are Homeowners!

#23 Thirteen Pictures of the New House

We closed on our house today. After going to the house one last time for a quick walk through we drove almost an HOUR to the other side of town to then sit and sign paper after paper. With keys in hand we drove back to our new house!!

I know Amazed has been waiting to give me advice on all things HOME. What advice do you have? What horror stories? What would you do again and what would you not do? Do you line drawers? Do you hang pictures right away?

Here are Thirteen pictures of the new house:
oops 14.


ciara said...

very cool house...a bit bigger than ours for sure. i wish i could have painted the walls w at least satin paint b4 moving in. the flat paint sucks. ummm i don't really know what advice i got right now lol i should put up some pics of what my house look like b4 we moved in and the kids took over LOL

Sheri/Cookingmom said...

I LOVE the layout of your house! I love the curves especially. A new house is so exciting. We've been in ours for almost six years now (it's FLOWN by), and while I still love it, I miss the excitement of driving up to it and thinking "It's really mine!"

Maribeth said...

Hey, that is a beautiful house! Congratulations!!!

Michelle M. said...

That is really beautiful. Congratulations! I look forward to reading more of your blog :)

I just did my first Thursday Thirteen today.

Jen said...

Gorgeous! What fun!

Gerb said...

Congrats on the new place! My advice will probably be too late... upgrade your carpets! That was the best thing we ever did. 12 years later they still look pretty good.

B Boys Mom said...

Your new house looks wonderful. I hope you have a long very happy life living in your new beautiful home. Happy TT

mrsbear said...

Lovely. Nothing like a brand spanking new house. Lucky you.

Mom not Mum said...

Yep - we upgraded the carpet - we didn't with the last house and it was a huge regret. We also did a LOT of tile.

A Spot of T said...

Congratulations!! Beautiful home!

Amazed said...

Okay, the advice I really wanted to give is probably too late as well. Put in closet doors that swing open rather than sliders that are always falling off their sliders. And don't put in a sliding glass door in the kitchen. They are impossible to cover. Vertical blinds are always in the way. I love French doors with the blinds inside of the two window panes. I tried to convince my daughter of this when she built her home but she didn't think it mattered. It did. They finally got rid of the sliding doors about a year ago and it has made a HUGE difference. And my thought is....Color! Color! Color! People get so afraid of color! I wish I could come and visit and we could go to town!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new home! Oh, and don't allow red Kool-Aid or purple grape juice in your house. Or that tinsel grass in Easter baskets. Other than that, enjoy!

Christie O. said...

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh preeeettttttty walk-in closettttt!

love the house, very nice! i think your new table is going to look fabulous in there too!

lackrik said...


Love the kitchen too!!!