Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting the Kids Involved

As I said in my last post I have been cleaning! It isn't just me - I have the kids involved. I figured it would be a bit traumatic if they went to school one day and came home to an empty room. I also learned my lesson back in February when I threw out a giant Patrick Star and had to confess to my 8 year old that I had thrown it away. So, this time I had them helping. Of course this morning that same 8 year old came in asking about a monster truck that had gone missing. I reminded him that he was there and had the opportunity to make the choice of give it, bin it, keep it and if he didn't see where it went I was really sorry. He then told me that I must have thrown it away while he was in the bathroom! He also tried to get me to go back to the dumpster that we had thrown the trash bags into yesterday to retrieve his toy. Oh - and did I mention the missing monster truck was a HAPPY MEAL TOY??? Of course I made up for it by taking him to Burger King for a kids meal with accompanying Pokemon toy!

I have to also tell you the best part of throwing things out. I tossed a trash bag in to the dumpster only to have a toy yell back to me "GERONIMOOOOOO" as it hit the bottom. Hahaha - what were the odds?


Christie O. said...

that's hilarious!!!!

we're laughing this weekend about how some of the noisy toys are going to make it to the big toy heaven in the sky this weekend. and one noisy car is going on a very long drive-slash-vacation. haha! fortunately the kids are too young to know this.

Christie O. said...

i had to tell my husbaned about geronimo. we're still laughing about it even now!