Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair today gone tomorrow?

Can you tell if this is a boy or a girl? Apparantly the hair on this child was getting so long that at Chuck E Cheese's on Saturday Jordan had to say to another child "That's not a girl! That's my BROTHER!"

I'm not really bothered by what my kids want to do with their hair. There are so little freedoms for kids that hair really isn't something I make a fuss over. (I will also admit I get some sort of pleasure from people asking about his hair and those that just don't think it's "appropriate") Jared had decided a while back that he wasn't going to cut his hair until summer. Fine, let's see what happens. He then changed his mind a month ago because he "saw himself in the mirror and didn't realize it was that long". We still didn't get it cut mostly because we just didn't get over there to cut it.

On Saturday, after the "That's not a girl" comment and the fact that his older brother wanted a haircut we went to Great Clips. Jared still wasn't sure if he wanted to cut it or not so he decided on a trim. They did take 3 inches off - if you call that a trim.

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