Saturday, November 14, 2009

Talents I Don't Have

Today Jackson went to a chess meet with the school chess team. He is not really on the team if you consider he doesn't go to practice but I guess he plays during his first period home room class with the chess coach. He was on the chess team last year so the coach is trying to bring him in again. I guess he's not too bad he just isn't patient enough sometimes to really sit and think about the next move. Not good when you're playing chess, right?

Well anyways, at the meet today he was playing and the coach came out and started talking to me. At this poing I'm not sure how he didn't see the glazed over look in my eyes. Something about board one and then something about the bishop. Which one is the bishop again? Oh right, that guy that's looking up all the time with his mouth open in a funny smile. What does he do? Heck if I know!

Just proof to me that our kids are so different than we are. That they develop talents and interests in things that we have no clue about. Yes, my husband knows how to play chess if you're wondering. But really, it is truely a talent I do not have. I also can not skateboard, play with a hackey sack, draw, sing, or...oh let's just stop now before this gets out of hand.


Sharon Fairbourn and family said...

Alex has developed a love for chess. I however am clueless. Ihave watched him play a good amount of times and can still say, "I officialy do not understand the game."

Mom not Mum said...

So we can play together than - that would be some good entertainment. haha