Friday, November 6, 2009

Costume Party

I know, halloween was last week but I have a costume party to attend tonight. I've had sick kids home all week and totally forgot about it. I have no costume. The theme is "dress up like you would if you were a kid". I don't have any princess costumes on hand in my size, no cheerleader costumes, no cowgirl. I have 10 hours to pull something together. I may just have to drop by the costume shop and see what they have. What was it I wanted to dress up as when I was a kid and never got the chance? What did you always want to be?

I guess we'll see what I come up with....if all else fails I'll dress up as a baby and just wear my jammies. Hmmm that sounds comfy.


Cricket said...

An Ooompa Loompa

Christie O. said...

I was Batgirl this year if that counts! It totally rocked! I loved being a superhero!! I would probably have been actual superMAN as a kid though. but now I'm much girlier.

Mom not Mum said...

Well I went to a costume shop and ended up with a poodle skirt. Actually a costume that I did wear when I was 11. Now if I can figure out what to do with my hair. They had an Annie dress and I wanted it SO bad but I have bigger boobs than Annie apparantly and the dress wouldn't zip up. So, 50's girl it is. Look at me I'm Sandra Dee ;)

Anonymous said...