Sunday, February 22, 2009


Seven years ago my baby was born! Hard to believe it's been seven years and that she is still the baby. She is everything I ever wanted in a girl - I think I said that in my last post about her reading but it's true. She's kind and sensitive and she just has a joy about life. She also has a passion for animals. At Christmas she asked for a puppy. She wrote letters to Santa asking for a puppy. In fact at school she wrote a letter and whoever the genius was that wrote back to her focused on her request for a puppy. Seriously, who does that? She cried when she did not get a puppy for Christmas. So, February rolls around and what do you think this little girl wanted for her birthday? A puppy of course. I have spent the last two weeks looking in the newspaper and on craigslist in search of a puppy. Checking the lists of the dogs at the shelters. I have really no desire to spend 100's of dollars on a puppy. I also was picky about the age. I didn't really want a brand new puppy but I didn't want a DOG either. So yesterday we went to the animal fair. What better place to find a puppy than to go to 1 place where all of the rescues/shelters bring their dogs. We wandered around and didn't see anything. Too big, too old, too mean looking, not what I was looking for. Then we spotted him. A small black dog. The rest is history. He is 8months old and a chihuahua/jack russell mix. So far he's been absolutely wonderful. And my 7 year old is having the best birthday ever - and now she isn't the baby anymore.


Christie O. said...

awwww i wanna see pictures!!! sounds like a sweet puppy! happy birthday to your baby girl!

MarmiteToasty said...

Happy belated birthday wishes......... you caved in lol my Jacob has been asking for a dog for about 4 years lol........ so I bought him a stick insect :)

Do your kids still have their cute little english accents? :)


Anne Bradshaw said...

I'm just dropping by to let you know I have another give-away contest running on my LDS blog this week
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THREE prizes this time - books and a CD from LDS author/speaker Sarah Hinze. Here's a snippet from her
website: "Sarah's own healing experience prompted her and her husband, Brent Hinze, Ph.D., to embark
on their search nearly twenty years ago. For two decades, she interviewed individuals and chronicled what she calls "prebirth experiences," or communication from children before they are born. Her work has provided solid evidence that unborn children can warn, protect, and enlighten us from another plane of existence."

Amazed said...

My grown son STILL brings up that ll he ever wanted was a dog...and never got one....So I am glad you caved! At one of my friend's husband's funeral, they told the story of her husband playing Santa at a Ward party. He was hyper and over the top. They lived in a ritzy subdivision. One little girl climbed on to his lap and said she wanted a pony and without hesitation he exclaimed, "You GOT it!" I would have KILLED him!