Tuesday, March 11, 2008

World Book Day!

World book day is bigger than Halloween at my house. My kids start talking about world book day as soon as one ends. I'm sure at this point you're asking what world book day is? If it is WORLD book day shouldn't you know about it? Are these the questions you're asking? Well, world book day is a day devoted to books and the best part of it is the kids get to dress up for school. Yep, they get to choose a book character and dress up and have a parade at school - all the fun stuff. In the past I have sent Tom Sawyer, Charlie Bucket, a pirate, a ninja, and Snow White. My kids also had to PROVE the pirate and the ninja before just dressing up and going to school - fortunately books like The Magic Treehouse are good for all sorts of costumes.

This year only 2 of them got to dress up as the 3rd was on a field trip. Jordan had been talking about world book day FOREVER and we had known for quite some time who she would be. Jared's was a last minute decision as he can never decide - I think they make the perfect pair! AND I'm glad to get one last chance for my kid to take an ax to school as we know that's not going to happen once we move back to the states. LOL


Maribeth said...

Oh, aren't they adorable!

ciara said...

yep, taking an ax to school here in u.s.=suspension

there was a story awhile back bout a young kid whose parent packed a plastic knife in his lunch. he knew that they weren't allowed in school, so he gave it to a teacher right away. he was suspended :( it's not his fault he had a plastic knife in his lunch, but you know how paranoid we can get over here lmao