Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Mum's Day!

Okay, quit looking at your calendars - it's only mother's day here in England. I know I don't want to be called Mum but I'm a bit selfish and I still think I should get to double dip in the joy of 2 mother's days in 1 year. Jordan brought home a daffodil that bloomed as soon as I put it in the window and a few little gifts she had made at school. The boys - well they forgot their stuff at school. I think they get this from their father - who went in to a whole thing about me not being British and that he didn't forget Mother's day because it isn't May. Blah blah blah. I'll get over it though as long as he doesn't forget in May. The kids sang at church today but it was so quiet and a song I had never heard before so I couldn't hear it that well. Not to mention it was the prelude music and my cell phone rang RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of it. Stew was on his way to church when he got called in to work so I then had to hop in the car and go back home and get Jared who was supposed to ride in to church with Stew. Fortunately the kids sang again at the end of RS so I got to hear them again and they were much better. Once again they sang a song I had never heard - but they had learned it better and it was great.

So - happy mother's day to all the moms out there.


ewe are here said...

But if he forgets in May, he will owe you BIG time, no?


Maribeth said...

Happy Mother's Day #1. I think it is brilliant that you get two! LOL

Christie O. said...

happy mother's day!!!!!!!

KC said...

Happy Mum day #1 to you.