Monday, February 18, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I'll love ya tomorrow. Or at least I will return to loving you. My mom goes home tomorrow after a full month of being here. After she is gone I will return to my normal computer addiction and I will catch up with all of you. We have had a fantastic time. We spent the week in Garmisch Germany, the kids were in ski school Mon-Thurs and my mom and I played tourist. We went to Dachau, which was a great experience but it is soooooo sparce and redone that I don't think you get the real feel of what happened there. Everything was too clean. We spent a day at Oberomergau - I'll look up the spelling on that one later - and purchased same great Nativity scenes. We also went to Neushwanstein Castle - the Disney castle. It was my 2nd visit there but it was still beautiful. We had a great time and the kids loved skiing. Watch for them in a few more years on the Olympic ski slopes. We may have another Peekaboo Street on our hands.

Now I'm off to make dinner. Who knows what we'll come up with since we've been gone for 10 days and the commissary was closed today for Presidents day.


Maribeth said...

Ah now those are all my old haunts! I even saw the Passion Play in Oberamergau years ago. What an experience.
Glad you had such a wonderful time!

ciara said...

i'm just jealous you're getting to experience all that stuff while i'm still bruised and sore from a nice little fall i took on fri afternoon lol glad you had fun. :)

Fourier Analyst said...

When I lived in Munich I loved playing tourist and visiting all the castles and places that everyone reads about. It's great that your kids can experience this stuff. It will be something they look back on and remember, even if they are "not impressed" right now! We are planning on dragging ours for the "ABC-ABC" tour (another bloody castle, another bloomin'church!) sometime next year!