Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whose Idea Was This?

Working is really cramping my style. Really - whose idea was this to start working? While there is a computer sitting right on my desk there is not actually internet access to anything to keep me entertained. I've looked at a lot of news sites lately and a lot of real estate. That is when I can find a back door because real estate is one of those topics that is BLOCKED for content. Normally I wouldn't promote internet use while at work but this job some days it's all I have. I am working as a test examiner and the other day I had one guy come in and take a 2 1/2 hour test. It was a listening test so while he sat at a computer with headphones on I first read the newest people magazine and then looked at about 1500 houses online. Of course that doesn't count the few times I had to get up and put my hand on the guy's shoulder to wake him up. He's lucky I didn't fall asleep or we might both still be there.


Amazed said...

Oh my gosh, just shoot me if I had job like that????!!! Do the hours DDRRRAAGGGG...?

Jen said...

It seems like every job has some really boring aspects. Yours sounds like it has a lot of them, but at least you can read magazines and such!

Sniz said...

Some people think boring jobs are fun, but I know from experience that jobs like that drive me bonkers! But at least you get to read magazines!