Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not The Original?

I was visiting over at Amazed today and she was talking about her name. Normally I wouldn't put both my first and last name but seeing as I'm pretty hard to locate at the moment I'm not all that bothered so I figured I would play along.
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

There are 955,143 people in the U.S. with the first name Sandra and it is the 43rd most popular first name. More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Sandra are female. Good to know because I don't think it makes a very good name for a man. I have never met a man named Sandra - but since I go by Sandy I have had the chance to know a Sandy.

My brother's name is Larry and when my mom was pregnant with me she decided if it was a girl she would name her Lori. Thankfully someone mentioned that having Larry and Lori might be a bit confusing so we didn't have to deal with that. Sandra - Sandy was just a name she liked so no exciting story behind it. However, if I was Lori there are only 128 of them with my name out there - well if that WAS my name.

In my 3rd grade class there were 4 Jenny's, I can say that I have never had another Sandy in my class at school. The only other Sandy's I have ever known were ones I went to church with. When we moved to England the first woman I met was named Sandra. She quickly told me that she "hadn't been Sandy since 6th grade - she grew out of it and goes by Sandra." I'm not sure if she realized that was a tad insulting - or I could have the attitude that I still have a fun, young name - I'm not ready to grow up and have a more "mature" name.

My last name is Weber. Pronounced WEBBER - you might not think that is worth mentioning unless you've lived in Utah. I've still never met anyone with the last name pronounced Weeber - regardless of the county, the university or the dairy. There are 103,259 people in the U.S. with the last name Weber and statistically it is the 317th most popular last name. Before I got married I was a W as well. I did not move in my space in the alphabet. One of the Sandy's I grew up with was also a W. She married another W so I suppose we'll be stuck at the end of the queue for life.

When I put in my maiden name there are only 28 of us - that's a bit more original. Not as original as my mother in law though - this site says there are 0 people with her name.

If you feel like playing along let me know.


Amazed said...

I thought this was fun to do! And we knew your mother-in-law was an original (just kidding...I don't know her!) And boo-hoo, that Sandra doesn't get to be the star of Grease but Sandy does! From your blog you seem like a fun loving Lori...opps, I mean Sandy.....

MarmiteToasty said...

Me sister (that I dont see) lives in Scotland and she is called Sandra LOL and was Sandy to her friends when she was younger, she is 11 years older then me..... there are not any Sandras around my age....... and its true that over here names like sandy bobbie johnnie billie jimmy usually get chanced to sandra bob jon bill and jim as people get older..... :)

I to married a W so Im also at the end of the queue for anything it was bad enough only being an S before I married....

There are 75,926 people in the states with me first name and 638 people in the states with me last name...... BUT there are NO people in the states with both me names put together :)

So I am unique LOL


MarmiteToasty said...

ps..... I typed in me 4 lads names....

There is ONE person in the states with the same name as my Jacob W... non with Ben W, or Tom W or Sam W....

So I suppose we are quite an unique bunch LOL


Nicole said...

you've been tagged!

Anna Maria Junus said...

Nobody has my name.

Because my last name doesn't exist in the directory.

But then I've googled myself enough to know that it always comes up me.

Elle said...

Yeah I'm pretty sure no one else has my first and last name coupled.... which is probably good!

alisonwonderland said...

i did this a while ago on my blog: there were 164 of me!

i just checked out the website again to get more details - my first name is the 622nd most popular first name and my last name is the 25th most popular last name.