Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Story

I have been so bad about blogging but I think I will give myself a little kickstart with a Sunday Story. I have a new little Primary class, since it is a new year, and these kids are FANTASTIC!!! We started the year out with 12 on the roll - only one of them was a girl. We are now up to 14 with THREE girls. Too fun. Today in sharing time little H sat next to me. I naturally put my right arm out on the back of the chair next to me. It's a serious habit that I never noticed until little H told me "I don't like it when adults do that." Everytime my arm would go up he would glance at me!!!!!! Next week someone else needs to sit by me because I can't handle it. He also told me, half sarcastically, "keep your hands to yourself." SERIOUSLY??? He's six. Then during classtime I have little T. He is amazing and I'm still not sure why he hasn't been called to teach primary. Who cares that he's only 6. Actually, Gospel Doctrine might be more his speed. He can take any question and he just expands upon it. These are not the regular "sunday school" answers either. H looked at me and said "T sure is serious about all of this." It's true - T is very serious about all of this and I think it's great.


Shell's Diaries said...

That is awesome. Sounds like some great kids. You can't get away from Primary, can you? Hailey's class has 13 kids, and 4 are girls, one of which will be moving soon. Primary is my favorite place to be. I hope I never have to sit with the adults again :-) Oh, and yes, you should get back to blogging!!!

Anna Maria Junus said...

So H has no problem telling you where he stands. Good for him.

Still it's nice having those kids that like to be hugged.

And great fun having a spiritual giant in your class.