Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Story - Today's Top Three

3 - glad I chose the t-shirt instead of the cami under my cardigan. I did get a bit warm and I was glad I could take the sweater OFF.

2 - I learned I should throw an extra skirt in the back of the van just for those moments. You never know when a diaper decides it isn't going to hold anymore.

But really - in all that goes right and goes wrong or just goes crazy in the day there is nothing like #1.

1 - hearing a sweet little voice tell you "Hi Sister Weber". That same sweet voice also said "bye" without any persuading when Sister S. said goodbye to her on the way out of sharing time. That makes it all worth it.


kellie said...

You are so good to take it all in stride...

Mindi said...

That brings a tear to my eyes. Love the #1. I saw you when #2 happened. I could not believe how well you handled it! You are so amazing Sandy. What a blessing you are to that little girl and her family!!