Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Complicated Families

Jordan and I went to Portland a few weeks ago to attend my cousins wedding. While we were there Jordan got to meet her cousin Grace. Grace is a year older than Jordan and they got a long great. We went to the zoo and the girls acted as if they had known eachother forever. Kids are great like that.

Grace's mom is my step sister. This was also the first time I had ever met her. We are 37 and 38 and had never met - but I've known she existed for a lot longer than she knew about me. It's a complicated history of family but we're all trying to make up for it. I'm trying not to be territorial and she's super nice considering I'm the girl that took her life - that grew up with her father as my Dad. It's difficult to have feelings that I DON'T WANT to like her but I do. I still cringe when looking at her facebook pictures of her with my mom and my dad labeled "Me & My Dad". I even have trouble seeing the pictures of Grace and her Grandpa. Jordan is the only grand daughter - or she was - and now she isn't. Like I said - complicated.

The picture above is my mom, Ann-Marie, Me, Jordan & Grace


kellie said...

You mean, you are HUMAN after all?
So fun for Jordan, and glad you had a good time.
Sandy, prayer and patience I would imagine would help...but remember to cut yourself some slack!

Mindi said...

I love how kids are that way. Instantly friends without any judgement. I think Kellie said it really well. You are human and those feelings are definitely well deserved, even if you don't want them. On another note, you and your mom look so much alike!