Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something Old

I have thought about the idea for this blog several times and finally got around to blogging it.

I have this habit of holding on to stuff. Some of it useful, some of it, not so much.

I have this denim jacket hanging in my closet. It is a small and it is, let's say, 20 years old. Will I ever wear it again? Highly unlikely. But I will tell you I did toss out the matching jeans some time ago as I gave up the idea that I would ever be a size 2 again.

This is the TV we got when we first got married. It's 17 years old and is in our bedroom. We have upgraded it 2x but seriously - only 3 TV's in 17 years? That's not bad either. I am getting ready to move this one out and put our bigger TV in here - but it's such a monster I don't think we can lift it on to the dresser. (The dresser would qualify as old too - we inherited it from my Grandmother and you guys are lucky I didn't take a picture of the bed that matches it - yes we sleep in a double/full size bed.)

Yes, a fantastic picture of my ear. I was actually going for the earrings and I'll tell you that the hoops...I've been wearing those since I was 12. I've worn other earrings but I keep coming back to the hoops. They are comfortable, I don't have some allergic reaction when wearing them. I could go on. As for that "second pair" I got those from my husband when I graduated from college 13 years ago. That's why I wear them. I'm also suspicious that they are the reason I've never had a calling in young women's at church as well.

My alarm clock. This is probably the oldest of my possessions that I use on a regular basis. I got this for Christmas probably when I was 9. It used to be the only radio I owned and it got a LOT of use during the Duran Duran period of my life. I have used it almost my entire life except for when we were in England. Four years of using an alarm clock I never quite trusted. I was so happy to take this out of the box and proudly put it on my dresser again. Granted the light that tells you the alarm is set no longer works, but it has never failed me.

Some of these things have sentimental value, some of them comfort, some of them because we're cheap. I mean we are frugal and living within our means. Some of them are just trusted and I'm afraid to replace because I might not like it as much. And then there are those things that you held on to for 30 years. Something that you loved. Something that YEARS and YEARS ago you thought you might keep to give to someone else....and then that day comes.

If she treats the dress well I might just let her read my Little House on the Prarie Books that I have NEVER shared with anyone.


Andi said...

So I'm intrigued by the book on your shelf, "Just Another Gorgeous Guy". Is it bad Mormon gaggy fiction? I guess it couldn't be too bad if you still have it?

I'm with you on the Little House.

kellie said...

Great post Sandy! I am with you on the alarm clock, I am always leary of introducing a new one, and the Gap jacket is still cute...

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Andrea - I really thought about moving the book but I didn't. My grandma liked to write books so she went to all sort of local writers groups YEARS ago. This was a book she picked up for me and the author autographed so I've held on to it. Gaggy, but not LDS. Very sweet if I remember.

Allison said...

I definitely hang on to the oldy, but goody stuff too. I still have a pair of jeans tucked away that I loved and they are horribly out of date now! I laughed at the earing shot! I never change my earrings. I had a second piercing and a third in one ear, but I was still called to be YW President so you never know!! Then the guilt set in and I let the second and third piercings close, but I do miss the second piercings sometimes!

Cricket said...

I love the dress. I had a few of the Jessica McClintock (is that right) dresses. I loved how they made me feel so pretty and girlie. As for the 2nd and 3rd piercings I told my mom if she bought me diamond studs I would let them grow in. They are my go to earrings now.

Lily slept in a basket that came from and Indian reservation in Canada. It was the one that my mom used for me and I will save it for her. I am thrilled to see that there are people who are sentimental and pass things on to family.

Lily is now in sitting on a rocker which was mine and belonged to a great aunt who passed before she was three. I found a photo of Verna and will frame it so Lily has it and know about her.

I do hope you let her read your Little House books or get her a set. Then you can pass yours onto your grandkids!

Mom not Mum said...

I do have a 3rd hole in one ear - I haven't worn an earring in that one for years. The funny thing is that I had it done while I was at Rick's IN the beauty salon in the student center. If you can call that a salon.