Friday, January 16, 2009

Making a House a Home

Yep, I've been busy lately and neglecting my blog. First we had Christmas which was great. Then we went to my mom's in California and we all went to Disneyland with my sister in law and her family. Her oldest Daughter turns 21 in May so this was the last family vacation for a while - as she hopes to go on a mission. Their 2nd oldest daughter got married right before we moved home from England so this was also the first time we met her cute husband. We all had a great time.

I've also been busy with the house. My mom came back with us after our trip to California and she was busy helping me organize and all of that. I do NOT enjoy hanging pictures on my walls so the 2 of us tackled that together. It took us almost a week to have to nail more than one nail to get something hung correctly. We should have stopped there because our last bout at interior decorating was disastrous. As was said by a good friend when I told her the story "they shouldn't be called window TREATMENTS they should be window PUNISHMENTS". This is after I first installed one part of the rod and it was crooked - and then fixed it and installed it upside down. After the rod was hanging and even we lifted up the curtains to begin putting them on and wouldn't you know it - TOO SHORT! We won't mention that my mom was ironing the creases out of the sheers and panels while I was hanging the rod. All that work gone to waste as we folded them back up and put them in the little plastic sleeves they came in. Fortunately the store was able to exchange them and order me the correct length so in a few days I'll tackle that job again.

So, if I'm missing in action for a while longer you'll know I'm tangled up in sheers in my living room!


Gerb said...

I made all my own window treatments when we first moved into this house. Any replacements have been purchased ones - I would much rather modify something I didn't have to make myself!

My point: punishments IS a better term than treatments!

Amazed said...

funny! I've missed your thoughts!
I'm so with you on window punishments. I think the blinds between the windowpanes is the greatest invention since chocolate. I'm too attention-def. to hang things correctly. It is a big problem....

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