Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello From Arizona!

It has been a whirlwind around here the last 2 weeks. We arrived on August first and I don't think we've taken a break since. In the last 2 weeks we have:

Found our church building
Bought 2 cars (a Toyota Sienna and a Corolla)
Celebrated 1 birthday
Put all 3 kids in school
Bought cell phones
Gone to the dentist
Gone to the ENT (tonsils and adenoids to come out for J9)
Had a visit to the allergy doctor
Walked through our house that is under construction
Shopped, shopped shopped.

Just imagine doing all of your back to school shopping in 4 days. We got here on Friday and the kids started school the next Tuesday. School has been a challenge to say the least. J11 has settled right in to 6th grade which is fantastic. He is making friends and doing well. The homework is a bit more than we're used to but he's quickly getting a handle on it. J9 started out in 4th grade but we quickly realized he was not ready for 4th so after 3 days we moved him to 3rd grade. The change was really for the best and he's making friends and feeling much better about school now. J6 is in 1st grade. This has been hard as well because she is first grade AGE but she has been in school for 2 years already and honestly some of the stuff they are doing she has done before. Fortunately the teacher has recognized this and she is giving her more difficult work. We will re-evaluate her placement at the end of September.

I'll update you with any new happenings as they come and hopefully I'll get the routine down again to get this blog moving.


Gerb said...

Welcome back to the states! Glad things are falling into place for you in your new home/school. I hope all else goes well for your family and that things slow down a bit soon!

MarmiteToasty said...

Im so glad you are all settling in back home :).... I bet your kids have well cute little English Twang accents LOL

I cant WAIT til your house is up and running :)....

come on, admit it, you MISS England LOL


Maribeth said...

Welcome Home!

Christine@AreWeThereYetMom said...

Are you enjoying the weather?
I don't think it is as hot as it was last year!

Glad to hear your children are setteling into school fine.
Katelyn had a rough couple first days, but is getting more into having fun with friends and learning to spell her name.

That does sound like you have had a whirlwind tour the last couple of weeks.

Welcome back!

Amazed said...

Good luck with your new adventure! Can't wait to hear about your continuing life!

msbookite said...

i totally understand the school adjustment. my ds did reception in the uk then when we moved to MI he was forced into 3 day/wk 2.5 hrs/day preschool...he lost SO much. (as a first time school mom, i didn't realize i needed to work w/ him to not lose stuff, ugh!) nothing i said would make them put him in kinder, not even saying i would accept the teacher's eval for whether he should repeat kinder in the fall (we moved in april) or continue on into 1st. (he would have repeated 1st in another location to get him back on age track, so no social issues) but to no avail. my youngest went from basically kinder (1/2 day m-f) to 2 day/wk 2.5 hrs a day preschool...grrr!!! she would be starting reception this year but is instead in 4day/wk 3 hrs prek...*sigh*

Christie O. said...

ooh! glad to see you came out ok on the other side!! boy, you all sure have been busy. welcome back to the states!!

Jana said...

Hi. I found you on the ldswoman blog site. Welcome to Arizona. I am living here in Mesa. Do you mind me asking where in AZ you moved to. I hope your lives will settle down sortly and that your kids will adjust to their new surrounds soon.

Anonymous said...

You dork, you didn't tell me you were into blogging. Have you been to Eegees yet? Saw Debbie D. today. I broke down and cried. I told her I didn't have any friends.

Miss you lots. Ellen

Joy T. said...

Sounds like you're settling in nicely!